How to Get More Facebook Followers with Automation (and Memes)

Using Automation to Gain Facebook Followers

So you want to learn how to get more Facebook followers? Building an audience on Facebook is considered a waste of time by many marketers, but there are a handful of powerful organic growth tactics that shouldn’t be overlooked. Many will claim that Facebook is a pay-to-win platform and that organic reach is impossible to achieve but this is blatant misinformation.

What this article will not help you with is planning out content or explaining basic Facebook marketing strategies. This is for people who already have a solid grasp on what content works for their audience and want to take things to the next level. Facebook automation can be used ethically to gain Facebook Page Likes and to gain Facebook Group members. By combining my 2 favorite Facebook automation tools, you can expect to see explosive growth.

When growing audiences organically on Facebook, there are a few mechanics that we must first understand to fully take advantage of functions that Page admins have access to.

  1. Pages with under 100k Likes can invite those who react to posts to Like the Page.
  2. Pages admins can invite Likes to join a Group you also admin.
  3. There are little to no penalties for abusing invites to like your Page.

With these 3 concepts out of the way, we’re ready to begin your organic Facebook follower growth. With the right preparation, this trifecta will give you some serious firepower over your competitors. 

get more Facebook followers

Auto-Inviting People to Like Your Facebook Page

Easily one of the most important and powerful tactics on Facebook.

Facebook gives us the ability to invite anyone who has liked (or hearted, angry reacted, etc) a Page’s post to Like the Page. Once. If they accept, you’ve got a new fan. If they ignore it or reject you, whatever. You can expect something like 0.1% to 1% CR on auto-invites.

We use a Chrome extension to get the job done, although there are other options out there. Our partner offers lifetime licensing for his Facebook automation software, so we recommend that over any SaaS product. Unlike competitors, these scripts are regularly updated to match Facebook’s new UX changes so you’re never out of luck.

Click here to check out Eugenio’s Facebook script shop (affiliate link).

Since you can only send 1 invite to a person, that means your goal should be to earn engagement from new people consistently.

Facebook’s API caps out at 450 invites in a 2 hour window before they give you a 24 hour suspension from using the feature. You can safely invite 250-300 people per 4 hour period without being flagged. There is no further penalty for doing so. You can get 24 hour suspensions multiple days a week for months without anything worse. This has been true since 2012.

Let’s crunch the numbers on invites.

To achieve optimal growth, you’re aiming for 1800 reactions from new people everyday so you can send the maximum safe number of invites per day: 1800.

If you’ve reached a point where you’re gaining 1800+ new reactions daily, there are 2 proven tactics to scale up auto-invites:

  1. More Profiles: Send an additional 1800 invites daily from an alt. profile
  2. 24/7 Automation: Run the script 24/7 with timer delays so you’re always growing:
    1. Buy a cheap netbook solely dedicated to running the script
    2. Run the script from an instance of Chrome from a cloud server

How the fuck do you earn 1800 new reactions daily, let alone 3600+?

Oh, your content game isn’t good enough for these seemingly absurd numbers?

That’s okay.

You can always use money.

You can run this script on previously run Facebook Ads as well! Load up Ad Manager, find your most engaged Ads ever and run the script. Boom!

What if you don’t have the budget to pay for engagement ads, though?


Seriously, memes are some of the best ways to bait out engagement from new audiences. Whether you’re curating content your audience will vibe with or creating your own original content, memes are a great way to bolster your numbers towards the 1800+ daily reactions. 

Shark Tank meme

MarketingMe.Me offers meme curation and custom meme creation as a service, so feel free to reach out and see if we can work on a customized package that works for your business. We have a robust network of meme pages we’ve founded and scaled to 100k+ fans in a variety of industries. Our meme game is tight and it works for most industries.

Shoot me an email if you’re interested in learning more about using memes for your social media growth!

Recommended Settings for Sending Auto-Invites on Facebook

  • The Multi-Page function is and has always been buggy
  • The browser tab inviting people should be its own window, if you switch tabs it pauses
  • When a Page reaches 100k total likes (not followers), you lose the invite function.
    • Tactics at 100k+ Change (and again at 250k+)
      • Abusing predictive analytics
      • New distinct types of core algorithm exploits*
      • Consider yourself an influencer, it’s time to cash in on free shares
      • Share for share becomes easy as fuck because you can punch down
  • Running automation on a (relatively) new Profile, Page or Group is just asking to get flagged as a spammer. Be smart. Age your accounts. Or buy aged accounts.

*Facebook has threshold points of engagement, growth velocity and total page likes where the content distribution algorithm weights your actions differently.

Auto-Inviting People Like Your Page to Join Your Group

Much less sophisticated than sending out auto-invites to grow your Page.

If you were wondering why we went in-depth on Page growth, it’s because you can invite people who Like your Page to join your Group. Not everyone though. We think it has to do with privacy settings in some way but haven’t been able to figure it out over the years.

How to Invite People to Join a Facebook Group

  1. Navigate to your Group.
  2. Switch roles to interact as your Page
  3. On the right sidebar, there is a list of names you can invite.
invite people to join a Facebook group

You can invite people to join your Group as well as Pages that have Liked your Page.

The number that you can invite is always relatively small in comparison to your Page’s audience, so don’t expect massive growth from this. What you can expect is that these new Group members are likely to be highly engaged.

You can automate these invites with some basic javascript, SaaS products or you can be hood rich like us and just use an AutoClicker with timer delays.

Here are the settings we use for the tool linked above:

  • Enabled: Click where the mouse is
  • Click Interval: 4/10s

Going faster will result in navigating to Suggested Members’ profiles.

How to Use Automation to Invite People to a Facebook Group

  1. Position the mouse over the bottom right corner of the invite button.
  2. Ctrl+F2 starts AutoClicker
  3. Ctrl+F3 stops AutoClicker

Page and Profile names that are long enough will fuck up AutoClicker completely, making it a weak tactic in terms of scalability. There are paid SaaS options out there but they honestly aren’t worth it. The frequency you’ll be sending these types of invites is low, as it hinges on Page growth.

Why You Should Run a Facebook Group and Page

Facebook internally categorizes admins that actively run a Page and relevant Group into a higher weight factor category in the core content distribution algorithm. This is largely theorized, but we have had enough anecdotal success in experiments based off of this debated assumption. Here’s where we get into theorycrafting Facebook growth. Take it with a grain of salt, this is just how we view things.

In our opinion, Time in App (TIA) is the most important metric to apps that are already at scale, as user growth eventually plateaus and ad revenue becomes top priority. Take Facebook for example: they’re so large now that they’re running out of humans on earth to onboard. What’s the next most important KPI after user growth for an app? Revenue. How is revenue maximized? Increasing TIA.

As a result, Facebook actively rewards users for using new features with boosted organic reach. This is how their internal growth team operates to push forward their experiments much like we do to figure out how to grow. Facebook’s growth team needs data on new features, new UX designs – everything really.

When Facebook first introduced video uploads, videos dominated the newsfeed. When 3D posts were introduced, the same thing happened. And now that Facebook Groups have become more integral to the platform’s stability, organic reach from Groups can be incredible. 

And that can only mean one thing for the savvy marketer: Opportunity.